Education and Employment International



    PASSI - Prepare Asylum Seekers and Society for Integration .
    The strategic aim of Community Initiative Equal for the designing, the (experimental) pilot implementation, the development and dissemination of new practice for the policy application for the employment focused on the fight against inequality and discrimination in the labour market, comprised the operational planning framework for the transnational partnership "PASSI".

    Common objectives of the partners:

    • To promote integration of Asylum Seekers (AS) into the labour market
    • To fight discrimination
    • To identify good practices on multicultural/intercultural work
    • To increase/improve competences of organisation/workers participation in the transnational co-operation
    • To open the participation in the transnational activities to a large number of workers of the national partnerships, namely those working directly with AS


    Projects from Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta and Portugal.